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The "Carrie Necklace" effect

Hello, loves!

I don’t know about you, but I’m totally excited this period of the year, when all the attention is drawn to the shops, being the SALES month. Sometimes I think that the movie “Sex and the City” had a massive effect on women’s minds, drawing them in this materialistic world of clothes, shopping and parting, where appearance and first impressions are the key factors to integrate in the social world. Although most of us do this unconsciously, I’m sure that everyone wants to look good, and to look good you have to dress good, that’s for sure!

Speaking about the show, I think you all must know the Carrie necklace, that Carrie Bradshaw received it as a gift from her friends. I, for once, have grown really found of this gorgeous necklace and always wanted to do one for myself. At that time, I remember not finding a good jeweller in my small city to make one for me. But as life is full of surprises, not long ago, I found this terrific site that has this sort of thing; personalised jewellery ! Having a wide variety to choose from, Onecklace is the perfect place to carve your name on a necklace. You can also put your initials on earrings, bracelets or even rings. I find it very fit for a present as well 🙂

One thing I know for sure, I’ll always wear my name necklace cause I wanted one for a long time now ^^

What I wore:

– Guess jeans

– Mango sweater

– Zara jacket

– Onecklace gold plated necklace ( find it here )

– Neuville bag ( find the model in other colours here)

I hope you like today’s look. I was prepared to hit the stores, but sadly tomorrow it’s the official day when the Sales start :).

I just cannot wait!

Stay tuned for more awesome outfit posts and thank you for being such a wonderful audience ^^

Happy hunting ^^!




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