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That perfect skirt.

Hi, guys! Another sunny day here in Brussels, and what’s better than to “celebrate” an awesome day like this, than going out a little, taking a walk… and turning some heads :). Yes, I admit it, I love to dress confident and appealing, but not in a vulgar extreme way. I like turning heads even when I’m with my bf.. it gives me extreme joy knowing that I still got ‘”it” :). I’m a Scorpio.. can’t help it! Well, I won’t let you wait no longer. Here’s today’s outfit

Groove of the day:


– Michael Kors heels

– 2dayslook skirt ( get it here)

– Zara clutch

– Zara earrings

– New Look top

– 2dayslook green Cheetah bracelet ( get it here)

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Kisses, R.


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