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That difference

Hey sweeties,

I hope you’re all having an awesome day. I’m super sad cause the lovely weather is kinda over and we  have again clouds, low temperatures and rain :(. Luckily I took advantage these last past days and changed like every time I had to go out.

Before my usual OOTD, I would like to share with you my experience in wearing these awesome hair extensions from UniWigs. Personally, I like the color so much and it does go so well with my hair. The hair is super soft and can be easily styled. I chose to go with curls because I feel that summer is mainly for beautiful boho looks or even so, elegant ones, with curls. Here you have some “Before” and “After” pics so you can check them out to see the difference:

I think they blend quite well. Having a bit of a straight haircut and thus, lots of hair, my recommandation is to maybe take two sets of hair extensions because for me, just the one wasn’t quite enough. I’ll definitely have it straighten too so I can see how it goes at one point, but I would surely have wanted to have a few more extensions just to achieve that perfect balance between length and thickness.

Other than that, I think they’re super cool, easy to pose and good quality.

To show my appreciation towards you, my lovely readers, I’m giving you the chance to save 10% off the whole UniWigs site by using this coupon code: LB10. So happy shopping and don’t forget to stay tuned for the usual OOTD later 😀

Kisses, R.


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