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That Christmas-morning feeling..

Now that’s the feeling I get every time I have a package. I must admit that, as a fashion blogger, I have a good excuse when buying things, so that’s why I always tend to have more than I can handle. My biggest weakness is, of course, shoes. No matter the season, I love buying shoes and for me it’s not easy when you have such a big variety out there. 

You must have read my online shopping article and from all the online shops I know, Shopbop must be the fastest when delivering. I live in Belgium and the package comes all the way from the States in just two days! It’s freaking amazing. Plus they have free international shipping so it’s totally worth the while…

I must add that the photos are as “natural” as they can be, no effects, no light enhancement so it would make the products look better or anything… I wanted to show you as it is, as I’ve received my package. Yep, it’s that perfect ! ❤

I’m super happy to had chosen these Marc by Marc Jacobs boots even though temperatures in Brussels are back to normal, but in Romania it will be cold even in February, so these babies will keep me warm for sure!

Thank you for stopping by, lovelies!

Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday and if I still am around in the coming hours, I’ll do for sure my usual ootd post 😀




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