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Hi guys,

Finally I got the chance to take my new Sweet Lemon boots and I couldn’t be more happier. Besides the cool design, they are really walkable and not to mention so in trend for this season. I visited the showroom of Sweet Lemon this last 10 April and it was a really nice experience. They had their fall/winter collection there and you will have, thus, a little sneak preview exclusive of some of their items ^^

But for now, here is today’s outfit, something totally fit for a summer day, comfy and cute, with that boho spirit “attached”and everything… My Sweet Lemon Boots are totally the missing piece of this mix along with this lovely kimono from TOMTOP. I had a crazy hairdo so wild and frizzy haha ^^

I won’t keep you in suspense no more… here’s the look


What I wore:

– Bershka shorts

– Swanky shirt

– TOMTOP kimono ( find it here)

– Sweet Lemon boots ( Exio model, find it here)

So, I really do hope you like my boho look (cause that’s what I was going for) ^^

To continue, I have some exclusive photos of Sweet Lemon fall/winter shoe collection.

Attention all who have heart problems, this pics will make your blood pressure high and you will want those shoes at all costs 😀

Fall, you can come along now. I’m ready ! 🙂

These are just a few of the magnificent pieces I’ve seen at the showroom in La Hulpe. They are actually my personal faves. ^^

And here you have a little photo with the team. Kinda gives you the impression that I fit right in, huh?

Beautiful people, beautiful job, beautiful shoes !




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