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Sunny afternoon – F21 zig-zag color shorts, Flamingo necklace and Prada flats

So another week has started and thank God is still sunny here ! I took a nice walk this afternoon. Everything is closed here cause it’s a holiday! Here’s a quick post on what I wore 🙂

What I wore :

– F21 corset

– New Look vest

– F21 shorts

– Prada flats

– F21 flamingo necklace

– Mango bag

The flats I have them for some time now, but they are in excellent shape and sooooo comfortable !! The flamingo necklace is new ,but I simply adore it!! it’s so cute and I’ve seen that animal accessories are so in trend at the moment. I can’t remember on what celebrity I’ve seen some flamingo earrings…I’ll have to check it out! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my post and see you guys soon ! 🙂 Have a great week! ♥ R

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