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Style it right.

Hi, guys!

Uh, you just can’t believe the day I had. In between work and the blog, I had to take care of some unfinished business with my new landlord ( btw, if you ever hear the name Dumont here in Belgium, just don’t move into his homes). I like that the Internet nowadays gives us infos and reviews of all the things we want to buy or all the places we want to visit…It’s amazing and I want to help as well, letting other people know about things that should be avoid, and also, things that have to be tried! 

A thing I would love to “try” is Berlin Fashion week, that’s why today’s post will be somehow special (well, I like to think that you’ll consider the effort I put into the photos). Either way, I’m keeping my fingers crossed in winning two tickets to Berlin Fashion week, an international experience with the chance to see Bryan Boy and not to mention just stroll around wonderful people from the fashion industry and well known bloggers. The competition is sponsored by the awesome STYLIGHT team and if you want more info on the event, you can check out more here

Why I would like to win? Well, it’s obvious that my interest in the fashion world led me to write my own blog and overcome my fear of exposure, my own little shy self to say so… And yes, I had attend few national fashion events which I loved a lot and I think it could be a great experience to inhale and write about on my blog. Plus I want to see with my own eyes this “fashion celebrities” that everyone’s talking about :).

And here you have the outfit I would wore on that very night. Seeing that the weather outside isn’t quite warm, I thought I’d go a little “punk” 🙂

What I wore:

– Mango pants

– Guess corset

– Calvin Klein lace bra

– Zara jacket

– Steve Madden booties

– H&M necklace

– Zara earring

So, I know the outfit is a bit on the wild side, but I think you are all tired of all those pompom girly skirts and dresses. Let’s bring something rough to the show, right ? 🙂

Thank you for visiting the blog and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram as well.




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