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Smart shopping

Hey lovies, 

So we are staring the new week full of energy and positive thoughts ( or so we should) and I know that the sales period is just one month away and that the waiting is killing us ! How about I told you something that is awfully convenient and that with this info you could save a lot of money when buying from your favorite online shops? I’ve recently discovered an amazing website that allows you to save up when shopping. How do you ask? Well, at Soldesduck you can have a lot of promo codes, reductions and everything that can help you to do some serious smart shopping ! If you want to stay up to date with all the new ways to save up money when buying online, you can just sign up for their newsletter. This is a great way for you, my fellow co-nationals from Belgium to “faire vos plaisirs” ( accomplish your pleasures) when you shop. 🙂

Because I’m a big fan of Asos, I have made a wish list from their shop with my favorite garments for the upcoming summer and I’ll certainly use my Soldesduck  promo codes to buy them cheaper cause that’s what smart people do- save up ! 😀

3 by ruxandra-ioana featuring a cross body

Faith cross body €57 –

Closet stripe dress €39 –

Warehouse wishbone necklace €20 –

ASOS cross jewelry €4,65 –

River Island top €11 –

River Island white purse €14 –

ASOS black jewelry €4,65 –

I’m super happy to have found this awesome online website and more happier to have shared it with you. I hope you find it interesting and useful ! 

Now I’m gonna do some shopping and take advantage of my promo codes and free shipping thanks to Soldesduck ! ❤




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