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– ShopLately Wishlist –

Hello, my loves!

Partially sunny day here in Brussels, but I won’t go out until my evening photography lessons because as you know, I’m sick :(. This dreadful cold got the best of me, but I didn’t want to let the day pass without writing something, so today’s post will be a little wishlist of my own with items from this trendy online marketplace called ShopLately, that sells cool products from unique designers. First of all, it has really affordable items at good, democratic prices accessible to all pockets. Here I’ve found the craziest products from jewelry to shoes to clothing garments, so I decided to share with you what caught my eye through some cute collages I made. 🙂

I think the category that impressed me the most was their shoes, of course. Being a shoe addict doesn’t take much to observe this particularly section of the site.

Here are my favorite ones:

I must say that they have the most outstanding shoes I’ve ever seen at really great prices! I think my favorites would be the middle ones, the Wild Rose Wilson cut out booties.

If you want to view a pair, just click on it and it will take you exactly to the specific link. 🙂 

Next stop, I’ve been enchanted by their necklace category, where you can find a wide variety of statement necklaces that can add a touch of originality to any simple outfit. Here you have some of my favorite pieces:

They are all so stunning, but if I were to choose one it would be the Aztec Statement necklace, the one just beside the Be Classy sign, and indeed, with this necklace you will look so classy ^^ 

Although they have so many categories on the site, I wanted to bring to you one that I love very much, namely message tops, the ultimate way to add a dash of creativity to your outfit. I love when a piece of clothing speaks for itself, it kinda represents the message that you want to send when people look at the way you are dressed. From this set, here are my top tees:

As you can imagine, the one I love the most is the middle top. Eat.Sleep.Party.Repeat works for me :). 

These awesome garments along with other astonishing pieces of clothing and accessories can be found at ShopLately, a place that I’m sure you will adore ! Until next time I’m wishing you a wonderful day and take care! 




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