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Sexy back. Style Moca dress

Hello, my sweeties !

Hope you are finding all that you desired in shops, during the Sales.:)

Talking about clothes, I’d like to introduce you to a lovely US online shopping boutique that is from now definitely on my fave list.(they also ships internationally) Style Moca, cause this is the shop I’m talking about, combines different trends, so each and every one of you can find clothes that are suitable to your tastes. The thing I loved the most about them is the way they take care of each and every customer and pack everything with love. A pleasant experience that I just wanted to share with you, guys :). So, yeah, totally recommend their store and hope you will visit them as well ^^ ( you can find them on Facebook as well, here, as well as other online platforms)

Now, back to the outfit that I wore today.. what can I say about today? Well, I went to the dentist and the anaesthesia lasted about 3-4h after… But I did enjoy the end of the afternoon, taking a lovely stroll in the city. Of course, I have some shoots of the outfit that I wore, but I must share with you something.. As probably you can imagine, Mother Nature didn’t give me a generous bust, so wearing a dress like this one below can definitely be a challenge. If you’re like yours truly, I can give you a little tip– wear statement necklaces that draw the attention on them rather than have everyone starting at your flat chest. When I was younger, I was so furious with this “defected feature” of mine, but with time, I learned to accept it. That’s what you have to do in life- accept what’s given to you and try to do the best of what you have. 🙂

Enough with the lecture now, here’s the outfit:

What I wore:

Style Moca dress ( find it here

– Bershka heels

– Zara bag

Well, this is the outfit that I wore today. Hope you like it and hope that this necklaces mix isn’t to overwhelming and with the hat and all.. 🙂

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