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Hello, my sweeties!

Gosh, I just miss my friends and the fun we had going out in this crazy city. Now I’m all alone, planing my next vacation, which normally is a breathtaking destination, but still, I wish they would had come with me. That’s the thing with time, you can’t make it stand still…

Anyway, today is a beautiful day, a bit cloudy, but still a lovely temperature, so I wanted to dress more fancy. My awesome sweet and sexy off-shoulder strapless dress from Udobuy did the trick.

My inspiration for the look was a song I love very much:

What I wore:

– Udobuy off-shoulders lace dress ( find it here)

– Bershka heels

– New Look clutch

– Mango jacket

How do you feel about this look?

Can’t wait to read all your comments ^^

Have a wonderful Sunday, guys!




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