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Hi, guys!

Gosh, the weather is really freezing out here in Brussels, but at least we didn’t had any rain…nevertheless, I still wanted to wear this fabulous two-piece dress from Lady Go Fashion Shop, that features a mermaid shape skirt with zipper detail and a mesh top with bandage bra. All in all, a perfect ensemble that reminds me of what a spanish woman would wear, the set actually being inspired from one Kim Kardashian wore. I know that I may not have the same curves as Kim, but I still wanted to have this beautiful two-piece.

Here’s what came out, along with an inspirational song

What I wore:

– Lady Go Fashion Shop two-piece dress ( find it here)

– Zara sandals

– Sfera clutch

– Zara earrings

So what do you think about this elegant yet chic look?

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