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Same old song

Hey guys,

Ugh, what a rainy day we had today… I so hate this weather! In the afternoon I had the impression that the rain stopped, so I wanted to go for a walk. Luckily I managed to shot the outfit that I wore today, cause 5 min after it started raining again. And I hate when I dress-up nice, but the weather doesn’t match lol.`

Anyway, the sleek look is a mix of black and gold, awesome accessories like my Karl Lagerfeld watch, wrap bracelet from Freja Designs, TOMTOP bag and my old Zara booties that match the tones. If you’re wondering about this super cute iphone case that I have, well then know that mine comes from MiniInTheBox.

Other than that, I will leave you to this cool song that so matches my mood:

What I wore:

– Bershka corset

– Bershka maxi skirt

– Morgan de Toi jacket

– Zara booties

– TOMTOP bag ( find it here)

– FrejaDesigns wrap bracelet ( find it here)

– Karl Lagerfeld watch ( find it here)

– MiniInTheBox iphone cover ( find it here)

I super love my FrejaDesign bracelet. I think I’ll make a video so you can see what I’m talking about :). It reminds me of the ones from Swarovski. The effect is the same nonetheless.

Hope you like the look, guys! ❤




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