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Romanian Flavour

Hi guys,

Well, hate us or love us, we’re still around, in every country. Some of you mistake us for the gypsies who steal from shops, or label us just because you met the wrong Romanian guy or girl, but we still fight, we still work, we still try to prove that Romanians can be good, trustworthy people.

I always go by the saying “Each forest has its own brushwood”. That’s our case exactly. 🙂

I’m part of that side of the forest where everything is green and evolving. I like to live a constructive life and that’s why I wanted to open my own little food shop right here, in the heart of Brussels, mainly with Romanian products, but also with fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc.

If you’re ever around and would like to visit, the address is Rue Haute 174 ( 1000 Bruxelles).

Turning a food shop article into a fashionable one is not to hard for me. Truth be told, I had great help from Snapmade, the online boutique that has Personalized Gifts and of course, custom t shirts ! 

So here is today’s look featuring my custom t-shirt, designed by me, perfect for work and looking chic on the street.

Who doesn’t love a double utility ?

What I wore:

– Snapmade tee ( make your own here)

– Choies skirt

– Zara sandals and bag

So, I really hope you like my article and my look as well. It will probably generate contradictions, but I don’t care. I’m proud to be Romanian ! 🙂




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