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Reike Nen

Hi guys,

Hope your week is as good as mine ! I’ve been loving attending events lately and the thing is that even though I barely have time to sleep, I’m happy. It’s a wonderful adrenaline and maybe sometimes I tend to get to addicted to this working drug, but I still love it… I couldn’t live without it :).

Anyway…. yes, it’s late, but I wanted to do this post yesterday and I ended up doing it today. While scrolling through the new comers at Shopbop, I’ve stumbled upon a familiar name – Reike Nen – knowing this name for quite awhile, I couldn’t help in noticing what beautiful pieces they created in the shoe area; an area adored by yours truly and I wanted to share a few personal favorites, with hope that you’ll have a new discovery and maybe try something for this season ! 

The white ones are to-die-for ! 

What do you think? Would it be something you wear ?

P.S. Get 15% off your first order at Shopbop using the Shopbop app and adding APP15 at checkout 🙂




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