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Hello sweeties,

Since it’s Sunday, I thought I’d share a very special look with you today. As you well know, I always try to come up with spectacular looks every Sunday. This time will also mark the start of the month and also the Scorpio season (although I know it has already started, but I feel like the month of November being the actual 100% Scorpio month). So, as you’ve probably saw on Instagram ( if you’re following me. If you don’t you should! lol), I’ve been closely working with an awesome designer, Linda Herrero who has her own beautiful boutique in the heart of a respected quarter here in Brussels. Thus I had the pleasure to visit her at My Perfect Wedding shop, which I found absolutely fabulous. But about that and her, I’ll speak in a future article that will come soon on the blog, so be sure to stay tuned! 🙂

Now about the dress…hum, how difficult is to find words to describe such a beautiful astonishing dress… It’s simply perfect and the thing is that when I choose it, I didn’t know it will be finished for my favorite month of it all. I think there is no better color to describe a Scorpio than red! For me, this dress is so much more than an elegant gown to wear, for me, this dress represents me and I think all of you Scorpio ladies out there! 

So, without further ado, here it is, Her Magnificent Redness 🙂

What I wore:

– My Perfect Wedding red dress ( designed by Linda Herrero – the website here)

– Zara sandals

– New Look clutch

– Swarovski earrings and necklace set

– Kitsch bun pin ( find it here)

Yes, the back is quite exceptional, right? 🙂

Hope you like the look lovelies, and can’t wait to be back with a new ootd post ❤




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