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Purple Love

Hello, my dears ! 

First of all, I just want to make a little remark… I saw that so many of you are actually truly following my blog and I felt the need to say a big THANK YOU.. Thank you for being there for me and I promise that I’ll do my best not to let you down and make great posts for every taste, for each one of you ! 

Now, today I wanted to do something more glam.. fabulous, magazine style actually (seen that it was shoot in an abandoned building). I saw that you guys like this kind of pics as well and this weekend it’s my town’s birthday, so everyone is well dressed and going out… It’s so lovely. I haven’t been in this period of the year for like 4 years or so! As you can imagine, I’m very happy and excited :).

What I wore:

– Versace for H&M dress 

– Christian Louboutin heels ( find them here)

– Swarovski bracelet 

– Zara necklace

I totally forgot about my Versace for H&M dress… I thought it was the perfect opportunity to take it out for a spin. To be in the same chromatic family, I chose to wear my purple Loubis ^^

What do you think about the new look?



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