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Pure Happiness

Hello, my loves!

Yesterday I took a day of to just relax… I spent most of my day at home watching movies and planning my trips.

I did, though, go out a little as I couldn’t resist missing a non-rain day (they are very rare here in Belgium), but mostly I wanted a chance to wear my beautiful necklace from Happiness Boutique that you probably already saw on my Instagram ( if you are following me there that is). 

The fact that it came in a beautiful wrap really made my day. I so love it when brands put a little heart into everything their product stands for! That was definitely a big plus might I say. 

So I made a new ootd that I would like to share with you, guys. 🙂

What I wore:

– 2dayslook skirt

– Zara blouse

– Guess by Marciano coat

– Zara shoes

– Happiness Boutique necklace ( find it here )

– Blanco clutch

– DIY Moschino belt

This necklace is absolutely stunning and not to mention very well done. The quality is simply amazing. For the price, I think it’s definitely a must in having a statement necklace. So, a big congrats to Happiness Boutique to have such fine accessories ! ^^

Don’t forget to join the GIVEAWAY !!

Ends Nov 30th.

Win a £50 voucher to spend at Inlovewithfashion boutique !!

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Also, some news from Romwe:

Romwe “Rose D” flash sale, only 24 hours!

$19.99 only, with original price $39.99, on 26th November!

500 pieces, but size M is only 200 pieces!

4507 customers have already added “Rose D” to their shopping bag, so adding it into your shopping bag in advance, and then you can pay directly when it begins just in case it’s sold out.

24 hours only!

Don’t miss, girls!!!

And a special coupon for you, my lovely fans, on 26th Nov. to buy “Rose D” : 10%offrosed




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