Good morning everyone,

It’s a early morning today and I’m actually heading to Amsterdam for some new adventures ! Hope I’ll have a non-traffic road until Liege and from there on, me and my friend will arrive safely to Holland.

Moreover, I’m also back with a super duper outfit that I just know you’ll adore ! I couldn’t resist from not posting my new do before the other outfits that I shot two days ago 🙂 . A big special thanks to L’Atelier de Coloration Bruxelles for always making me look fab hair wise ! Btw, they are also opened on Mondays now and not to mention they are having Nocturnes , so open from 9h ’till 20h on Thursdays and Fridays !

Getting back to my outfit, I finally had the chance to wore this super cute blazer from SheIn that you probably saw as well in my stories when I went to karaoke 🙂 . You can still get my 15% off with my code: rux15

What I wore:

  1. SheIn blazer 

  2. Asos dress

  3. Versace shoes

  4. Versace clutch

  5. Prada sunglasses

Thank you for passing by the blog ! I’m waiting for you tomorrow for a brand new outfit post that I’m absolutely sure that you’ll enjoy xo



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