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Press Days Antwerp

Hi guys,  As you all know, I had a pretty busy week, besides running my shop in Brussels and updating my street style section on my blog on a daily basis, I made some time to visit some brands during Press Days in Antwerp, being invited by Feinest Labels. A few brands were present, From Warsaw, Nude DiamondBurton SnowboardsUNiCKZSouâd FerianiBlack EyeComme les LoupsKlaar Devillé and Mizu Life. I really love this events, mainly because you get to know the story from behind. For instance, Comme les Loups came from necessity, necessity of having elegant, yet chic bows. The story goes that the designer ( Isabel Naesens), had to do a bowtie for her sister’s wedding, so from there, she started doing more and more and so, got the notoriety to start her own brand. 

An awesome brand, and one of my personal favorites is From Warsaw. Elegant, minimal chic is how I would describe it.

The designer, Daria Gora, always seeks to do quality clothing for beautiful women who have an eye for style and elegance.

Another clothing brand, this time specialised in shirts, is Souâd Feriani. 

The thing with this brand is that all its shirts fits every body type, they are not one size, but are designed in a way that looks good on each and every person. They are as well so simple to style !

The designer, Souâd Feriani, is also a very warm person. ❤

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but a new way to design them into jewellery is something so interesting on the market. The plan: don’t encrust , just practically hang them so they can benefit a full shininess from any angle. The result: a fine diamond product, beautiful and innovating, thanks to cofounders Gary Pill and Fabrice Elfassy.

And because everyone loves comfy shoes,  UNiCKZ combines chic with comfy, styling up Converse sneakers and Timberland boots into awesome shoe wear.

The other designers weren’t on the set, but I had seen as well some awesome pieces. I really like to hear the story and pass it on from them. 

Maybe next time 🙂

Stay tuned for my new ootd coming up next !



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