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Plaid it.

Hello, my dears!

It’s the middle of the week here and I know that all (or almost all) belgians are excited cause they only have just another day of work, as they have a national holiday on Friday, so everything will be closed. Most of them I believe that they will be parting for the weekend…Well, not so much me as I have tons of stuff to do and the only time I’ll be spending with my family will be my Sunday afternoon :). But I’m grateful for that as well you least I have something to do, right?

But enough about work. Let’s talk fashion…trends..this fall/winter..plaid looks :).

Yes, it’s a very cool trend, plaid, but when I “build” an outfit starting from this idea, I try to keep the rest of my outfit very simple and, preferable, dark coloured .

That’s what I did today, when adding a plaid printed scarf to the look.. I guess I’m going a bit crazy over scarves lately. :p

What I wore:

– Zara scarf

– Pimkie coat

– Mango booties

– Forever 21 bag

– Zara shorts

– Mango bracelet


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