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Perfect imperfect

Hi guys,

I only have one hour available to update my blog and I really wanted to make the best of it, so I’m going to start by wishing you a great weekend and hope you have fun and enjoy the sun.

With continuously days of work to set up my new store and accommodating with my braces, I try to stay motivated and thus, yesterday, for the first time in some time now, I had an afternoon off to take a quick peek in stores, see what is new, what is still on sale (yes, you still find here and there some hangers with clothes on sale) and if there’s anything worth buying. I didn’t find much, well, anything at all that is worth it, so today is about “recycling” what you already have 🙂

For instance, I knew that my SheInside jacquard sweatshirt deserves more than one feature on my blog, more than one use as a piece for an ootd.

So, here you have a simple comfy outfit that it’s perfect for a Saturday afternoon in the city.

What I wore:

– TRF Zara jeans

– SheInside sweatshirt ( find it here)

– Zara heels

– New Look bag

– Bershka white shirt

So, what you are doing this Saturday? 🙂



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