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Out of the Office

Hi everyone,

How have you been these days ?

After a very difficult period, I'm finally happy to be parting for a few days and taking some time for myself.. go to the sea, visit the mountainside and also spend some time with my family and friends back home.

Since a lot of you are going on vacay, I thought I'd share with you some super cute vacation pieces that I found at Shopbop !


I thought I'd put everything in stylish mixes according for each travel destination, so let's get started !


We are starting in Mexico with this colourful set -

  1. L*Space bikini ensemble ( can be bought separately )

  2. Zimmermann slides

  3. Nannacay beach bag

  4. Brinker & Eliza necklace

  5. Le Specs sunglasses


And for those splendid Italian beaches, here we have :

  1. KAANAS sandals

  2. Binge beach bag

  3. Indescratchables sunglasses


If you're planning a visit at the French Riviera, then this selection is for you:

  1. Peixoto bikini

  2. Agua Bendita cover-up

  3. SENSO slides

I hope you like my personal picks and I hope you will have an amazing summer !

Thank you for visiting the blog and I wish you all a lovely Sunday xo



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