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OOTD: Well, the one that I wore when I met Ian Somerhalder

Hello, my loves!

Oh gosh.. I don’t even know where to begin today’s story ^^. I’m so happy that even words can’t come to my head. I did it! I saw Ian Somerhalder and even more, he kissed my hand like the gentleman he is.

My little day started when I knew that it’s the last day for the Vampire Diaries crew and I said to myself that I need to see Ian (and the rest of them for that matter). So, digging a little on the internet, I found out that the conference they had at Crown Plaza hotel ( which, btw I had the impression that that’s their hotel as well), were to be over at 8pm. So, I dressed myself nice (as always), and took a stroll by the hotel… WHERE it was full of screaming teenage girls who were dying to see Ian.. 

I nearly froze to death until he appeared.. and it was so difficult even to see him.. I was a little sad, wanting a photo and all.. but I thought to myself “ok, at least you saw him.. filmed him a little..”. That sounds nice, right? So, he got into the car along with the other actors and left. I got in the car as well.. happy that at least I saw him.. and when everything was over in my head, I’ve noticed that the car he got into was next to me at the stop sign, so I thought a little chase won’t hurt anyone ^^. There were 3 other cars chasing him, so I though what the heck.. let’s do this! So I’ve followed… and I saw that he stood in a hotel near to my place. I was like .. “whaaaat???!!”…unbelievable, right? I went up to him among the other girls, and just had the courage and strength to say “hi”.. being so close to him.. didn’t know if it was real you know.. so close.. so unreal for me.. And he looked at me, got stuck for a sec, said”hi, darling!” and reached down and kissed my hand.. sooooo romantic right?? .. I choked and just stood there.. he was still holding my hand.. I think I laughed (at least that’s what I saw in the pics lol)..I can’t remember after that what happened.. I know that I said “bye” and he looked and said “Bye, love!”

I know that this is such a big story.. and I’m not here to brag or anything, but as a blogger I just had to tell the facts.. plus that this was my pleasure as well 🙂

Anyway here are the pics for my usual outfit ( that I took before), pictures took of Ian, and the ones of Ian and me 😀

What I wore:

– Mango pants

– Zara top, shoes and bag

– DKNY watch

– Guess bracelet

– New Look blazer

Yep, speechless.. best day ever! Wish I didn’t choked though ^^.. Was to nervous.. this happening to me? Please, someone wake me up! 🙂

Sorry for sounding so lame.. but it has brought me great joy.. every one with its “birdie”, right? And sorry for the long story, guys, but I really wanted to share with you cause I saw that you were so supportive yesterday and I truly thank you for that!!

Love ya,


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