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OOTD: Child’s play

Hello, my dears ! The weekend is here and I hope you have tons of great plans to do ! The weather is great, the sun is high in the sky so we must take advantage at max! I didn’t had such a great morning…but I pulled myself together and made the best of it ! All that sorrow (to say so) got me thinking of the time I was little..the time I was a child and nothing mattered, all the things were great and you had no concerns or cares! I got the inspiration for my outfit for today ! It’s a girly and playful outfit, but grown-up made 🙂

What I wore:

– Vintage cardigan

– F21 top

– F21 socks

– F21 shoes

– H&M purse

I just love my F21 thick heels.. I wasn’t a fan on thick heels before, but now I am actually searching a new pair ! 🙂 Hope you don’t mind I’ve used them in other outfits as well… It’s hard to separate me from something I love 😀 So I hope you enjoyed my post and don’t forget to check out great deals from my sidebars ! Kisses, R.


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