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Hi guys,

I’m on my way to spend this weekend at the mountain side in Romania. I’m so lucky to come from a country where we have both mountain and sea side with amazing landscapes. When preparing for my trip, I’ve noticed that I’m missing something really important – snow boots. So of course, I’ve went online to my favorite place where you can find so many wonderful pieces – Shopbop. Here I’ve found these amazing quilted boots from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

I know there are some among you that get puzzled when choosing to shop online, so I’ve put together a how-to article. Here is how I’ve found my awesome pair of boots:

Step one:

– Go to the Shopbop site at

Step two:

– I’m looking for boots, so I’m going to the SHOES tab and selecting Winter Boots 

– Step three:

– Browse the selection. To save time, you can go to the Filter tab and click on whatever is suiting you better from size, color or designer. I’m searching for a size 7, as for the designer, I saw that Marc by Marc Jacobs had some pretty awesome winter boots, so I’m making my selection as such.

Step four:

– So this are the results. I want the first pair so I’m clicking on it.

Step five:

– Checking out the details. Now you have to check out your size, description and you also have a little Size&Fit option where you can find some useful information. If you’re not sure about the sizing, you can always ask customer service. They are very helpful!

Step six:

– Click on your shoe size (mine is 37) and whatever color you’d love to have, then ADD TO CART !

You’ll have something like this. From this point you can either Checkout or Continue Shopping.

I’m checking out.

Step Seven:

– Check if everything is correct and if you have a promotional/coupon code, you can add that and then Apply Code. I’m Checking out directly.

Step Eight:

– Now you’ll have to add your details ( name, shipping address, credit card info, etc.). It will look something like that. I already have a Shopbop account so it fills in automatically. I suggest you set up an account too and so it will be simpler when you shop with them. (or anyone else for that matter)

Plus, you will have access to promo codes and personalized selection, thus making your shopping experience better and easier.

Now you will just have to click on Place Order ! 

You will have a confirmation screen in the following seconds. An email will be also sent to you right away. Plus, you will have an email telling you when your order is shipped and since they have free express international delivery, I can confirm that me, as I live in Belgium, am always receiving my orders in max 2 working days. It’s pretty amazing I think ! 

Really hope this will help you a little when shopping online at Shopbop (or any other similar platform).

Stay tuned for another ootd post 🙂




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