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On fleek

Hi sweeties,

Hope you are having a fab week. I’m actually going to visit some islands today and I didn’t buy any Sim card over here, so I think it’s going to be an Internet free day… I’m totally looking forward to actually be free for about 12h… it’s easier when it’s imposed like that, otherwise you still get on your phone or laptop as nowadays it’s like an addiction, something totally natural at the same time and without even realizing it, we’re constantly killing our brain cells by staring so long in our screens…It’s sad, but it’s a reality … we should go out more and disconnect   ! 

Anyway, I’m also back with a cool look for today, something more exciting and gangsta like.. I didn’t do an outfit like this for quite sometime now, so hope you like it :).

What I wore:

– Bershka shorts

– River Island over the knee combo boots from an old collection ( find similar ones here )

– Zara clutch

So, what do you think about this fine look?

Isn’t it just cool ?




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