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New fragrances - September edition

Hello everyone,

I hope your Thursday has started well. I will take the time today maybe to cook something and maybe catch up on my writing because I feel I have to be more present here. I want to do an article on trends this Fall, what colours are IN, what new designs are eye-catching etc...

Speaking of novelties, I wanted to share with you today a few new perfumes that I had the pleasure of testing and that I adore so much so I thought to myself why not inspire you as well? It can be a nice pick for the season.


Remember, a nice perfume can always compliment your outfit ;) !

I picked four fragrances from four different brands. All of them ( and many others) are available at Notino, so you should definitely check their new perfumes asap !

Let's start with the one that I have tried the latest, namely Idole - L'Intense from Lancôme. As its predecessor, it's a Chypre Floral fragrance with top notes of mandarin orange and bitter orange, middle notes of Turkish rose, grasse rose, Egyptian jasmine, Jasmine Sambac, jasmine and musk , the base notes being patchouli, cedar, cashmere wood, acacia, sandalwood and Madagascar vanilla.

Ok, you know I'm not a big fan of vanilla, but considering it's a base note, then rest assured that the ingredient isn't that prominent. :)

It's a wonderful fragrance to have !

P.S. the chain case is not included when buying the perfume. I used it for the photos as I have received it as a gift.

Another amazing perfume that I have tested out just before the one from Lancôme is the YSL Libre INTENSE . Yes, it is indeed the intense version of the YSL Libre and it has changed mainly in its intensity and maybe it's a tad more spicy than the normal one.

The bottle is, as always, so beautiful and stylish. It's that type of bottle that you want to keep after you've used all the perfume inside.

As for the notes, well, you will be captivated by the citrus notes, composed of bergamot and tangerine oil, to which is added lavender oil, originating in France. Then, your senses will be indulged by the inescapable intense association of orange blossom and jasmine, joined by the shimmering tones of the orchid. The scent will only slowly fade thanks to warm Madagascan vanilla, vetiver and real amber.

Ir's one of my favorite perfumes from YSL actually ( both versions).

If you're looking for a more feminine, sweet perfume that has a good hold, then MY WAY - Giorgio Armani is the perfect one for you.

I have heard so much about this scent and I was looking forward in testing it. I took the 30ml, but you have several quantities available.

First of, I absolutely adore the design, it really brings back memories of the Armani Privé perfumes, with the lid in a stone shape. It's a woody floral scent - one to discover !

And last, but not least, the BOSS Alive perfume that I have for some time now. It got a bit lost during the 'Big Move', but I found it some days ago and it took its rightful place in my perfume shelve. Hugo Boss released this perfume early this year and I would say it's quite young in my opinion, but like for the young woman entrepreneur in her 20/30s something like that. :)

It's also a woody, yet fruity fragrance for women, loaded with positive energy.

The famous jewelry designer Amélie Riech is behind the bottle design. The nude pink color of the fragrance is enhanced by a very designer glass, edged with a thin gold band, making it similar to any other jewel, striving with elegance.

So, this was the article for the novelties in the perfume world ( my personal picks to be more precise ). I hope I have inspired you for your next perfume ;) and I hope also that you'll come by again for more insights in the beauty & fashion world ( the travel part is sadly on hold due to the current situation )


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino


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