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MUST Have(s) IV !

As promised ,I’m gonna share with you guys my shoulder bag that I found at “I AM ” store! 

It’s a black round floral design shoulder bag.It’s so cute and I find the floral shape being so in style this spring as many designers proposed flower design as a must !

I goes so well with a floppy hat witch,btw, are so IN this can find so many choices at Forever 21! I’m gonna do a little post later on hats that I consider to be very cute and special ! 🙂

I especially like the chain at this bag…it’s so Chanel-like ! I just love it !

I think that for 13€ it’s a bargain !I fell in love with it from the first moment I saw it.. Don’t forget to check out other cute deals on the right of the pages !  🙂 ♥ R.


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