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– Mr.GUGU & Miss GO Giveaway –

Hello, my dears!

No, today I don’t have any outfit, but I guess that what I have to share with you is even better! The rain won’t stop pouring’s been two days and I feel that I can’t take it anymore.

To make some light in this cloudy fall, I suggest another awesome Giveaway! 

This time, the contest comes from Mr.GUGU & Miss GO, so go ahead and enter to win one of these cool sweaters perfect for the season ^^

And yes, boys can enter as well. 🙂


3. Share the Giveaway on a social platform ( Twitter, Facebook, etc) 

4. Leave a comment with your email address, Facebook name and the shared link.

Now you’re all done 🙂

I do mention that the Giveaway will last 2 weeks ( 14 days), starting today.

The winner (only one winner) will be announced by mail.

That being said, I wish you all good luck!




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