Monthly picks

Hi guys, Looks like we’re at the middle of the week and also of the month so it’s time for another post about my monthly picks! Looks like navy is again very hip and designers all around have come up with great pieces to match the trend.

So you can totally go nautical this month, with beautiful garments. You can find quite the modern maritime selection here. It’s very easy putting together an outfit for the current trend, all you have to do is not over react when it comes to print. I suggest going for just a piece of your look that can have print if you’re a beginner at styling. For more “complicated” outfits, you can totally find inspiration on the internet or even on Shopbop. Lookbooks really help people decide quicker and it’s quite handy for those who don’t have much time on their hands.

Meanwhile, you can check out my personal picks for the trend: From Tanya Taylor you have these 3 pieces that work so good together! You can either go for the silver shoe or the black one. I prefer the black mules.

Also, Veronica Beard has some pretty cool items reflecting the maritime trend like this striped sweater that works so perfect with this white skirt:

BCBGMAXAZRIA is a new addition at Shopbop and I couldn’t be more happier to see such a fabulous brand in my favorite outlet store! Also, I found this amazing dress that I love so much and it’s in the blue color palette that works so good for this hip trend:

Well, this one is more for Spring I think, but it’s also so cute ! Plus, I know that they have such amazing fabrics – a total ❤