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Mixing prints

Hi guys,

Well, if you’re following me on Snapchat, then you know that I had a blast last night and I kinda overslept this morning. I normally get up at 7h30 up until 9am the latest, so waking up after 10am was really surprising and because I didn’t had done my sleep, I’m still dizzy and have a serious lack of energy. “Perks” of getting old :(. 

Anyway, I wanted to continue this little article with today’s look of course. I did something different for today; I mixed a lot of prints that I, in my opinion, find quite interesting and that everything seems to just go together. Thus, pairing these super cute frayed grey denim shorts from SheIn  with a tie-front letter print tie dye tank top also from SheIn and the SammyDress printed fringe kimono  was a total visual orgasm for me. I’ve added an old pair of shoes and clutch from Zara.

Well, guess that I said everything. Now I have to show you 🙂

Check out the video on YouTube and the lovely pics that follow :

Thank you so much for checking out the look, guys!

I’m super thrilled to bring you daily looks in different styles, so be sure to follow me 🙂 ! 




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