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Michael Kors alive again!

I thought I dig out an “oldie” in the shoe business, namely the famous fashion designer Michael Kors(aka  Karl Anderson Jr.) If you haven’t yet heard of him,you must know that celebrities like Lady Gaga or Heidi Klum are “wearing” him for quite a while,being in the branch for over 30 years. I find a big part of his work as being innovative,especially the shoes.You can really see the creative “eye” that clearly touched the fine lines of the shoes..the stitching and the details make the shoe a fine work of art.

I myself is a proud owner of a Vienna Ankle Michael by Michael Kors black pair of shoes..I adore them !

The shoe is simple,apart from its ankle strap.The strap is decorated with chain details.It adds something special at that elegant look.

The backside zipper is very practical when it comes to getting them on and off!The zipper has the Michael Kors signature.

The heel is just sublime and it has that glamourous mirror effect ..I find this shoe very comfortable and a style statement.  More great deals of shoes on my page adds!Don’t forget to check them out!  Thank you! 

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