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Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S 4MATIC Coupé

Good evening lovelies,

I had quite the busy day prepping for my departure tomorrow, so it’s safe to say that I’m quite happy to take a minute and just relax in front of my PC, brining you a brand new article on the latest Mercedes-AMG GLC 63S 4MATIC Coupé.

Obviously, I have a little video as per usj :

Like every Mercedes-Benz car, this one stands out with an elegant design, easy maneuvering and attention to details.


Now what is so special about this AMG GLC? Personally, I found this car so perfectly structured, in the inside having quite a lot of space for a Coupé, yet not living under the impression that you’re driving a truck. As a girl, I like easy maneuverable cars who don’t seem too big.


With 510 hp and a V8 engine in biturbo, Khaleesi ( as I like to call her), will make the road disappear in a short pedal ! You will feel each and every one of those horses going into action and making you feel like a race driver.


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Having such great power, it’s only obvious that the breaks have to be upon expectation, in ceramic carbon. Something that will put a stop to the horse herd.


Now let’s talk about music… my favorite subject. As any car that respects itself, the sound system comes from Burmester ( Surround Soundsystem). Of course, with that roaring engine, you don’t need any music ;).


As a sports car fan, I really loved how they mixed the car’s design, having that sports feeling, but still in an elegant, weighted way that haves the best of both worlds, jeep and sport.


I would like to add that you can also find the Mercedes-Benz accessories at their shop here .

Hope you liked my little article and hope to see you back soon on the blog 🙂 !




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