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Matching Models or How To Work Without Being Paid

Hi guys,

This indeed is an article worth reading because I feel that it’s my duty to take advantage of the fact that I have a voice with my blog and share with you my (bad) experience so that others won’t fall into the same trap. 

Last month, in April to be more precise, I had a two day job at Desigual, sharing flyers and engaging with clients for the good of the store. The job was promised to me by Matching Models, a company based in London ( or so they say so) who seemed certified and everything. I do work in the field of modeling, hostess, etc., so an extra income was nice, although I work everyday for my own store.

Anyway, so the payment had to be sent at the beginning of May. Nothing was wrong until the payment day came and I found myself emailing them and trying to contact them all over the internet ( Facebook, Instagram, etc.), evidently I haven’t received word or any response. I did, though, stumbled upon other models who didn’t get paid ( in Belgium and Nederland ). They did get a quick answer from the “so-called” Sophie who was the one that contact us when we applied for the job, saying that the grand brand Desigual didn’t submit the payment ! Yes, Desigual, I hope you are reading this and hope you can confirm if this is true or that the money was kept by this “prestigious” model company. 

Well, returning to “Sophie” that was never to be found after demanding our payment, she did had the nerve to contact us again, promising the payment will be done last Tuesday, and if we’re interested to do the same job this past weekend. Obviously I refused! Trick me once, shame on you. Trick me twice…

So April has passed, last Tuesday ( 26th of May) has passed,  May has passed and me and the other models who worked in April were never paid! Conclusion: AVOID MATCHING MODELS ! AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS! They are scammers and from what I heard, their office doesn’t even exists. A fellow model tried to go to their address in London and stumbled upon a closed gate. We will not let this pass, because even though the amount they owe us isn’t big, we did work those hours, on heels without even taking a break. (or so I did)

Matching Models, you are a shame to the working community and we will not rest until word goes around and you will have no one to work with! 

Please share this post so others will know.

Thank you !


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