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Make Time

Hello sweeties,

I just got home from my Flemish courses and I’m so tired ! It feels like the days are so short now and it’s so difficult to make time for myself… I’m so glad I do make time to be present here, in the blogging area and the fact that I can share with you great outfits, fashion tips and even my travels is amazing ! 

Like take for instance now I would love to share my thoughts on the new Christian Paul Garry Fleming watch collection. I really love the way it’s designed and the fact that you can “break away” and do your own customized model is amazing ! Now here’s a little outfit that I’ve managed to put together and guess what? The watch fits just perfect to the whole “deal”

I think having accurate pieces that work good together and create the IT look for the occasion is super important.

What I wore:

– Zara leggings 

– JollyChic purse

Really hope you like the post, lovelies ! 

I’m sure I’ll be back tomorrow with yet another awesome outfit 🙂



– in relation with Christian Paul watches – 


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