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Lost in a Dream tee and Red Lip necklace

Hi, guys! Just a quick post before I head out to my photography class. Seing as my “Kissy Lips” look was highly appreciated, I wanted to just point out two central pieces that I simply adore: my PersunMall cropped T-shirt and the rhinestone red lip necklace, also from PersunMall.

This tee is so cool and I can see it in so many combos, not to mention that I kinda find myself always Lost in a Dream, so the inscription totally describes me :). The bigger plus is the quality fabric and the accessible price.

Of course the rhinestone lip necklace has become one of my favorite accessories. 🙂

Actually I think I’ll add it to tonight’s outfit as I’m going to a latino night and the emblem of the club is similar to my beautiful necklace.

This cute necklace can be found here

So, what do you think of my fabulous pieces? ^^




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