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Longer Hair

Good morning loves,

Another week has started and I’m sure most of you are on vacation right now. Well, either way, whether we feel it or not, summer is here, school has ended and even the wedding season has started ( well, it started from the spring time, but I think most people prefer summer to get hitched). I, for one, have a wedding to attend to in August and as everyone out there, want to look drop dead gorgeous. The dress is there, the shoes are there, but I don’t really know what to do with the hair. I dyed it in a lighter color lately and for now, it’s very dry and I had to cut a lot of split ends. Luckily, I have this awesome ponytail from Irresistible Me to save the day !

I had so many hair extensions before, keratin ones, ponytails, clip-ons, etc. But I can honestly say that Irresistible Me really has the most quality hair ! You don’t find threads in the hair, it doesn’t have a wiry touch and most important, it feels very soft and can be curled or straighten without damaging it too much.

The shade is not exactly the same as my curent color, but I feel that it fits so nicely. 

To set up my ponytail, I gathered my hair into a very tight bum and just added the ponytail on top. 

That way I gain more volume and at the same time I don’t have to worry about blending my hair with the hair from the ponytail. 

It was rather windy when I shoot the pics so they came out a bit messy style.

Either way, my ponytail won’t fall because it has a great system to attach it to my hair. Besides the combo clip at the top, you have an awesome ribbon to obtain a secure hold, always keeping the chic look.

I’m wearing the Ash Blonde (#10) 

I guess I reviled a little bit the outfit for today as well, but stay tuned for the whole thing ! ❤




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