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Hello my dears! Sorry again for the absence these days, but as you all know I’m so busy this period, having my family around for the holidays. I would, though, love to share some pics from my last trip to London. I would just like to add that it’s the cleanest and disciplined city that I’ve visited. Arriving early in the morning, I’ve even catch the milkman for its early round-up (like in the old movies). It was so beautiful,even though the prices were so much higher than Brussels, but I didn’t stay much, so it was ok. Here are some photos from the trip 🙂

 So what to see in London? Well, I’ve been twice and the second time I visited London I wasn’t too keen in walking a lot, but I was with my friend that never visited the place, so we did the touristy thing and saw the usual: Big Ben, London Eye, Tower of London and just walked around a bit in the city center.

The first time I went though, there was a little bit more walking involved and my friend who lives there showed us the usual + some extras : like the Westfield shopping center which was a great joy to visit for me, being a fashion blogger and all…

I know there are so many more things to visit, but as I was there mostly for my friend and stood at his place, I couldn’t spare the time on doing so many activities. I preferred spending time with him rather than visiting too much. But I’m sure I’ll be going back there shortly and I want to do a whole new article with London’s “hidden” gems, where to stay and where to wine& dine.

What I wore:

– Zara leggings and scarf

– Mango booties

– W.E. jacket

Happy holidays, loves!

Take care




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