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Lock it up and throw away the key!

Hello, sweeties!

I’m literally melting with these high temperatures. I must say that it’s been a long time since I felt 31 degrees in Brussels, but it’s not very pleasant even though I’m a big fan of the heat…

But we have to be courageous and still stay stylish ^^. I try not to wear that much make-up when it’s super hot outside, so I “hide” behind sunglasses 🙂

Hope you like today’s look, even though it’s a mix between retro, rock & sporty. The hit piece must be the heart t-shirt from Mr.GUGU& Miss GO that I find so cool and that matches so many clothes from my closet .

And here you have an inspiration song that I absolutely love, which goes perfect with my look :):

What I wore:

– Mr.GUGU & Miss Go t-shirt ( find it here)

– Pull& Bear skirt

– Nike sneakers 

– Zara clutch

– Guess scarf

So, hope you like the look and don’t hesitate to leave your opinion in a comment below 🙂




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