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Listen to the sound of Fashion

Hello, my dears!

An excellent day here in Brussels and even though weather didn’t seem to be much of an ally, people seem to be always moving and even starting their Christmas shopping! I’m part of the lucky few who will spend some days away from the nasty weather and speaking of which, my departure is on Sunday morning, so I still have lots and lots to do.

That being said, I live you with today’s outfit…something I put together real quick, the masterpiece being of course, this cute hat that I got a while ago from Claire’s shop.

What I wore:

– Zara heels

– Morgan de Toi pants

– Bershka sweater

– Zara jacket

– Forever 21 bag

– Persun Mall earrings ( find them here )

Absolutely loving this unique earrings from PersunMall… definitely a statement !


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