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Linda Herrero – My Perfect Wedding

Hi guys,

As promised, here is a little article about the woman behind the fabulous wedding shop My Perfect Wedding. I met Linda Herrero somewhere in August. It was a beautiful day outside, still summer obviously, when I entered her cute boutique close to the Place Stephanie. From the moment I met her, I absolutely fell in love with her great personality, so kind, so nice and gentle – like a spring flower, you know? From these types of people you immediately feel that warm fuzzy feeling that I can relate to home. So I did feel like home in her cute wedding shop.

 Of course it was painted in pink, her favorite color and not to mention the color that I relate to dreams. Indeed, she makes dreams come true for women deciding to take the big step and who want to look dazzling on their big day. 

The fact that the designer herself is the one welcoming you to the shop and also the one who gives you styling directives makes it an original idea and nonetheless, something you can rely on. 

But let’s learn a little about Linda, the designer, the entrepreneur, the person from the interview she kindly accepted to do.

 1.   Who’s Linda ?

Linda is a 37 year-old passionate woman who fell in love with fashion when she was dressing up her Barbie at the age of 5. By the age of 7, my father bought me this game called “Dessinons la mode” so I could start mixing styles and hang them on my bedroom wall. As soon as my mother would leave the house, I would go to her bedroom to try on her dresses and high heel shoes until the day she caught me (smiley).I’m always drawing new sketches when I have free time thinking of a perfect little detail.

2. What inspired you to be a designer?

My mother. She would spend all her money on new clothes and would pass her time trying one that skirt with that shirt. She taught me that nothing is more important than elegance. She was my model and is still now giving me advice when I design a new collection.

3. Why did you choose wedding dresses? 

I am like any other woman I guess, I have always been waiting to wear my wedding gown and marry my prince (I managed to do both). I also wanted to offer very nice wedding gowns at an affordable price for every bride. I also wanted to be different and propose customized dresses to my to look exactly like the wedding dress you have been dreaming of.

4. I know designing must be a real challenge. Where do you get your inspiration?

Inspiration is everywhere if you take the time to see things with your heart and passion. I can get inspired by a celebrity dress but also by a stranger I saw in the street.

5. I know that you also run your boutique. How do you find time for everything?

When you are an entrepreneur, you never count your hours. You know when your day starts but never when it finishes. I’m very passionate about what I do so my days actually pass by like minutes. I owe a lot to my husband too for supporting me. 

6. A little bio about your boutique maybe? I’m sure our readers would love to hear about how did you find the location, what exactly made you open your own boutique, etc.

My husband always believed in me more that I believe in myself, so he pushed me to visit some spots. I knew the area I wanted from the start, I also wanted to be different than other boutiques. If you have visited my shop, you will notice that pink is my favorite color. I wanted my boutique to be cosy with a garden to bring some green to it. The moment I visited it, I knew this was going to be my shop. We have worked for 6 weeks to make it look special and I have cried the first time we opened the door. I’m now very proud when I see women taking pictures of my window displays and loving my shop so much.

7. Any stylish tips for the brides-to-be?

A lot of women I see don’t dare to wear something different from what they usually wear and I think it is a pity. I would definitely recommend to all the brides-to-be to go for a backless dress and colorful shoes.

8. Any favorite designers from abroad?

Chanel & Yves St Laurent because they are timeless 

9. What’s trending for the S’S/2016 bridal gowns ?

Feathers and flowers are definitely back but why not try on a cropped top wedding gown? You can now also dare to wear blush-colored dresses.

10. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I would love to expand and open some shops in Paris & London 

– From the first fitting – 

And now that I’ve let you inside her world, I certainly do hope that if you’re planning a wedding anytime soon or are just on the lookout for a special occasion dress, that you’ll find her store the perfect place to get it :

– My Perfect Wedding –

Rue de Stassart, 114

1050 Bruxelles 




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