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Leren Connor S/S15 – Colour Pop collection

Hi, guys!

As I’m writing frost is covering my window and although it’s sunny outside, today looks like it’s a 100% winter day. I wish it would warm up already and have that lovely summer I’m dying to feel. 

Speaking of warmth and sunny days, I bet you all are excited for the new SS 2015 collections in stores. That big thrill to see what the designers had prepared for us this upcoming season. Well, it happens that I had a little peek in a great british designer’s collection for this here Spring-Summer and I totally wanted to share it with you guys.

Here a quick note about the brand: Leren Connor is a fashion and jewelry designer based in the city of Derby, England. She graduated in BA Fashion and Textile Design from the University of Derby in 2014. She is regarded as a versatile, diverse and eclectic young designer with an eye for modern twists on classic lines and a flair for innovative techniques. The label Leren Connor began in 2012 at a small retail premises in the heart of Derby. Where a loyal band of clients and customers were drawn in by the wide collections on offer, the humble materials and modest price tags.

“For S/S15 Leren Connor brings you the colours of spring and summer, the vibes of the festival season, those relaxing summer nights, day trips out with the girls and the atmosphere of the heat and that inner rainbow we all have inside us. We all rejoice in the sun and bask in the fresh smell of blooming flowers and the cool breezes that pass through the freshly cut grass and moves through the trees. They’re the seasons of adventure and spontaneity, the months of relaxation, but also a time to get your best summer attire out the wardrobe and show the world your vibrant self. “

In one word- FUN, for Funtastic 🙂

Here’s a little note from the designer itself:

“S/S15 for us was all about mixing colour and print together, the atmosphere of summer and the calm of spring inspired me, inspiration from warm memories and the blissful moods of spring and summer, everything is always brighter and colour flows frequently in every direction. I began with pantones and began to bring in neutrals that contrasted well when the prints were brought into play, making sure the collection was versatile and capsule collection was key, it needed to target a wider audience. I wanted to create simple yet eclectic garments that you can wear either in the day and then mix it up in the evening, the collection ranges from festival wear, casual wear and evening wear. Fabrics through out the collection are a combination of recycled material and also fabric from our suppliers, I also had the pleasure of making our own fabric for this collection, in two of the jackets we see our free fabric which are made up from all the scraps of fabric used through out the collection. Three of the dresses are made from free lace with each piece having there own colour way. Recycling is and will always be a huge part of what we do here at Leren Connor and what a better way to show it off through our S/S15 capsule collection. “

In other words, creating something out of nothing, something very stylish and chic I might add, with endless care for the environment, something many designers forget to take into consideration.

That being said, I really hope you’ll take a tour at her online store, and why not, at her actual store in the UK. 🙂

Thank you for visiting my blog and do let your opinions in the comment box below and I’ll be “seing” you soon with a great surprise ! 




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