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Last Minute Xmas shopping

Hi everyone,

How is your week going? Mine is extremely full and can you imagine that Christmas is just one week away ? I mean with all the work and rush I totally forgot to buy some Christmas presents for my family and friends.

At Notino it’s now or never – get your Xmas gifts delivered in Santa’s bag ! I’ve managed to do a little selection from their site so you can maybe be inspired and choose more quick ! 😉

I made this family selection of presents that I would see fit as giving to your family as follows:

For your wife ( or girlfriend):


The Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Perfume is definitely one of my favorites and not to mention, one popular perfume ! It was a huge hit when it came on the market and a lot of women adore it so you cannot go wrong with this fragrance. Of course, a nice coffret is always nicer than just the perfume itself 😉 .

For your mom ( or aunt above 40 years, or even for your grandmother ):


Our beautiful women that are in our lives deserve the best – especially our moms ! Spoil her with a nice Lancôme gift, designed for taking care of the skin.

For your (teenage) daughter ( or granddaughter, young cousin):


The hit-mascara from Lancôme ( ok, I’m a big fan of the brand ), that is coming in a gift box alongside their famous make-up remover and khôl eye-pencil. A sure win if you’re looking for a great gift.

For your father ( or grandfather or elderly uncle):


If I had a dad (or grandfather), I would definitely give him a classic perfume like this, especially when it comes in such a cool box. A scent that defines a real man ! MONTBLANC has such “serious” fragrances… perfect for any man after a certain age.

Not that your husband isn’t a real man, but I find this perfume more appropriate for him  from you ! 🙂


Yves Saint Laurent Y perfume smells super amazing, very attractive and fresh ! This would def be the gift I would give my boyfriend ( or husband ! ), a lovely choice for your better half.

Well, I do hope I have inspired you a little on what to buy your family for Xmas… I’m counting the days already so don’t be lazy and go get your gifts now 🙂




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