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Land of no sun

Hi guys,

It’s Friday – yey – for most of you, that means a couple of free days are on the roll and I bet you just can’t wait to either lay in bed or go our with your friends.

For me, it’s going to be another working weekend… even today I have a full agenda and I just can’t wait to get some shut eye tonight. ( yup, already tired from this morning)

Meanwhile, I have a super awesome outfit to share with you ! I’m super excited cause I really love how it turned out. If yesterday I had a daring little black dress ( with baroque details), well, today I have a pure white one, something that’s perfect for Spring ( if you are having one) .

And of course, it’s all about the shoes and the dress ( even though the bag plays its role as well)

What I wore:

– Hat from a fair in Romania

– Also wearing a bell sleeve shirt underneath

I bet you are all wondering about the shoes, being quite the new product that’s taking over in an accelerated trend vibe. To be honest, they are quite tight size wise..but I think that if I would have taken a size up, then they would have been too large. The only problem I have is that, when walk, the heels stumble into each other and obviously, they scratch. The design is really beautiful and you can feel that they have a great quality and detailed manufacture.

Hope you like this cute look and that you’ll be back tomorrow cause I have a new OOTD – yey –




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