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Laced up

Hello, sweeties!

Happy to “see” you again. I’m so determined to keep this week full of posts, that means a new ootd every single day! ( different styles, of course. Don’t want to bore you with the same thing day after day! haha)

Anyway, today’s look will be more daring, sexy, I might say, but this dress is like super gorgeous!! It will definitely enter my top 10 must-haves for ..well, forever! The only thing is that you really have to be “gifted” in the bust area..I’m not, so I had to work something out :). Us girls know best ;). I think that I’ll take it to someone specialized to really fix the top part of the dress cause I really want to wear it as often as I can!

Because the weather is still cold, I thought I’d try something really interesting…like combining it with faux fur! Hum, how does that sound? Well, see for yourself what came out!

I really miss Rihanna, she has disappeared, so here’s an old song to recall her amazing voice:

What I wore:

– LADY GO fashion store dress ( find it here)

– Karen Millen boots

– Zara faux fur vest and clutch

– H&M faux fur hat

– Swarovski necklace

So, how do you like this outfit mix?  Do you like the dress?

Can’t wait to read all your comments ❤




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