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Hi guys,

I know I said today I’m gonna take a day off, but I guess that someone should have hide my laptop or block me from going online again. As I don’t have an outfit post, I thought I should share with you something different today. And yes, I know it stared to look like a food blog over here, but I just couldn’t resist talking a bit about this awesome restaurant that I went to last week.

L’Estanquet is really a restaurant that is worth mentioning and you know I don’t normally do articles on the blog and I wasn’t supposed to either, but I think i really deserves more visibility as the food is so amazing ! 

The French atmosphere hits you from your first step in. The red velvet chairs and sofas, the elegant white tables, the “Einstein” light bulbs; pieces to make a perfect petit resto au coin  cozy and chic ! 

Some of the furniture even comes from Lido, Paris. Can you guess what?

And then comes the food… What I like most about French food is the way it’s presented. We eat with our eyes, and I surely fell in love with my dish.

My saumon was incredible. The taste, the sides, everything just perfect. My best friend also liked her pasta gratin. 

A feast ! 

Of course, she also took some desert. Pain Perdu à la Royale. This is what it looks like ! The taste? Even more awesome – I had a bite myself.

Find the address below:

Avenue Winston Churchill 148A 1180 Uccle Belgique

I await your personal feedback 🙂




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