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Kombat Combo

Hello, my dears!

Sorry for my absence, but I was quite caught up with work and not to mention my daily tasks. I can still be a little happy that I’ve found myself a new series to watch every night, before bed. I am absolutely sure that most of you are already watching Game of Thrones, for those of you who don’t, well, I can absolutely recommend it! It really makes you enter into a world of magic and legend and to have that before bed, it’s truly a blessing for me, as it takes away all the day’s drama. 🙂

For today’s look, I’ve created something more different. Actually I thought it would be warmer outside, so I can’t lie and say that I wasn’t a bit cold dressing like this, but I think the outfit is positively cool and I was waiting for a long time to take it to the streets. I’ve bought my Rihanna for River Island parka from the sales and I thought these over the knee camo boots will definitely give the look a daring touch.

What I wore:

– Rihanna for River Island tie dye parka

– River Island over-the-knee boots

– New Look satchel

I know my parka looks a little frizzled, but you know I actually go out like this and not just for the pictures, so from standing in the car and the material being so fragile to touch, it gets like that sometimes..

Hope you like today’s look and I just can’t wait to read all your comments 🙂

Have a wonderful Saturday night!




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