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Kitty Kat.

Hi, guys!

I had such an awful day… same trouble with delivery services. I swear the post office works better than DHL, FedEx or Ups. Today my trouble was with UPS.. I even came out with a motto: UPS, FedEx, DHL you can all go to hell!!!

I didn’t want to get upset, but jezz.. when you see such incompetent people, you just can’t refrain from losing it! 

Anyway, I will calm down eventually… Looking at the fashionable side of the action, here’s the outfit in which I “battled” myself today. Something casual, yet cute and so in vogue, animal print being a top trend this season.

What I wore:

– Zara booties, bag and pants

– Morgan de Toi jacket

I know I look as if I’m pregnant, but I saw after that the thick scarf was to big and the jacket didn’t quite covered it up good… 🙂

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