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Ki Mo No

Hi, guys!

Yet another week has passed and for me it was mostly visiting the doctor, coughing episodes, meds, etc… Not a very good week, buy I certainly believe the week to come will be better. I’m trying to stay optimistic :). Seems that the weather is on the same line as me; raining everyday, cloudy and windy…

I still wanted to get some fresh air, so I went out for like 15 minutes, not to over do it. I had a quick chance in between the pouring rain and “dazzling” wind.

For this more of a fall outfit, I mixed up an asian inspired look, having my cute navy kimono from SheInside. 

And this came out:

What I wore:

– SheInside kimono ( find it here)

– Zara jeans

– Sacha shoes

– H&M purse

– Mango blouse

Hope you like today’s look and I just can’t wait to get better soon so I can do wonderful new looks. Also, hope the weather helps as well 🙂




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